Who We Are

Since 2018, the iCommand Refresh team has spent thousands of hours meticulously repairing, restoring, and renewing hundreds of Apple devices across their product lines. Those “refreshed” devices have since found a second life in the homes our customers across the country.

As both the economy and environment changes, we see the need to change with them. While Apple continues to develop new and innovative products, we feel it is time to expand our efforts to recycle existing products and provide affordable alternatives. In this ever-evolving market, we have discovered that new is not always better for our customers.

We are proud to be a member of the Williamsburg business community and our goal is to continue to bring the best customer service possible to Apple users throughout the region.

The "Refresh" Process

To stay true to our values, we are increasing our focus on what we refer to as “refreshed” Apple devices. Our experienced Apple-certified technicians revive and restore devices through a comprehensive process of testing, replacing hardware, updating software, and reselling them with the utmost confidence. In addition, our warranty proves to our customers that we stand behind the products and are always here to help.

Our Mission

Our Apple-certified team is wholeheartedly committed to reducing electronic waste by finding new uses for older, failing, or damaged Apple devices, and we hope you will join us in this commitment by considering a refreshed device before opting for a more expensive, brand new Apple product.